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My Graduation =D

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May. 17th, 2007 | 12:35 am
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I'm done!! I'm finally done!! =D After an agonizing 8 months researching, writing, rewrites, pulling all nighters and therapy...I'm finally done =D XD Woot!! ::jumping for joy::

Trying to graduate was a bit of a challenge. I never to expect it to have so much difference from AI. Back then, sleep being overrated was only during anime conventions and two weeks before finals...but at NJCU, sleep being overrated is a constant thing. Studio courses are longer and the work load for two classes makes AI seem like babies playing in the sandbox. Weekends and weekdays were spent in the studio until security kick everyone out at 3 am. There is always someone sleeping on the couch in the basement or on the benches because they are too overworked. I missed those carefree and stress free days so much. Now I only know how to keep overloaded with projects and work...it's not a bad thing. but it really sucked for not having much of a social life and getting paler and paler by the second from the fatigue ^^;; I'm still in the state of shock of grad school being over...now the confusion and the tiredness is finally hitting me. Even my sister wondered why my final semester can be so stressful =P

Well to make a long story short, it started with the figuring out what my thesis should be, doing the research and writing, at the same time trying to convince the committee on what I'm trying to say while they were not really supportive at all. Then the injury that set my show back and the late evening emails requesting a new draft of my written thesis by 5 am the next morning. Yeah that really killed me. (I'm calling my self an addict to caffeine and alcohol)

In between is the rest of the other things we all call life. Christmas and New Year was just a regular day to me. Even Chinese New Year was annoying. I was not a bit festive. I saw it as more of an obstacle either for making the school close or out of the studio just to celebrate in Chinatown, NY.( >.< )

When the committee signed the thesis, proving that I passed the defense (which by the way I never realize that I can hyperventilate so much), I don't know how I should have felt. The given would be relief and should be jumping for joy. Aside from that I was lost. In my head I went "shit, I have nothing else to do for the next week!" Now I'm going in all directions while being lost and confused. I don't know what I want to do. This new type of stress.......* sigh *

Either way I'm really glad that I'm done. I'm no longer a student but an alumni. I'll miss everyone that I have met...and really grateful that I had. I know we will be in touch and we will all be successful in our own ways. I walked down the road wearing the Green and Gold colors and sang my Alma Mater on the pass Wednesday, May 16th of 2007. (sounds cheesy, i know)

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