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A lethargic day =D

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Jan. 12th, 2008 | 05:48 pm
location: 9C
mood: lethargic lethargic

It has been a while where I will wake up and feel a rawness in my throat. My voice was a bit raspy too. I know there is a lot to do, since i had a weekly goal that must be achieved. So to battle this headache/sore throat, I have to make sure i intake A LOT of vitamin C. Well, it's already 6pm and I'm not doing that well with it.

Today was a bit out of the ordinary. My sister took my parents and I to a place called "Five Guys," it is a local burger joint owned by my friends temp roomie. =) The burgers were not that bad. Personally, I still prefer Red Robins. The place was really lively with the music just at the right level and the walls painted with the simples color or white and red. The one that that did bothered is all the peanut shells around the floor. It's a nice gimmick for serving peanuts to customers while waiting to order. However, this method have attracted many children to be making crushed shells by playing the stomping game.

Right now I am at a weekly meeting with the 9C group. With this project I am part of the Marketing and Research & Development team. It's pretty fun and challenging, or next job to design the signages and layout drafts.

Updating on Secret Identity:
My partner in crime, TummyRot (a member of 123Hush), and I need to have the draft of our script submitted in by tomorrow night. We are really fortunate for the editors to like our storyline to give us the chance to work with them. Now the two of us are in charge of the script and the artwork. But of course, it still has to be approved by the art director. We split the jobs in the beginning. TummyRot in charge of penciling and I am in charge of clean up and ink. I imagined that it will be decided by flipping a coin, but that is not the case. We were selected by the committee during the time I had to finish my pieces for my show. The stress level just sky rocketed!

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